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Greens announce plan to have no extinctions by 2030, as they outline a $ 24 billion environmental policy

Australia has the worst mammalian extinction rate in the world and is losing more biodiversity than any other developed nation.

The Green plan hopes to stop this through investments in mass greening and restoration, tougher environmental laws, an end to native logging, and by ensuring that mines are assessed for their climate impact before approval.

“Our forests, wildlife and oceans are dying and we are at a point in history where, if we don’t act, we face total ecosystem collapse,” said Green leader Adam Bandt.

Environmentalists have asked the federal government to publish the five-year state of the environment report before the election.

He has been sitting on the desk of Environment Minister Susan Ley since December.

The report must be submitted within 15 days of parliamentary session from the moment the minister received it, but due to the election, Ms. Ley does not legally need to release it until the next parliament.

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In 2019, a Senate investigation into Australia’s animal extinction crisis found that laws intended to protect our wildlife had failed, with huge exemptions and loopholes.

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