Nvidia's Hopper H100 SXM5 Pictured: Monstrous GPU has a brutal VRM setup

Nvidia’s Hopper H100 SXM5 Pictured: Monstrous GPU has a brutal VRM setup

Modern processing GPUs are designed to deliver incredible performance at any cost, so their power consumption and cooling requirements are quite huge. Nvidia’s latest H100 compute GPU based on the Hopper architecture can consume up to 700W in an attempt to deliver up to 60 FP64 Tensor TFLOPS, so it was clear from the start that we were dealing with a pretty SXM5 module design. monstrous. Still, Nvidia has never shown this up close.

Our colleagues at ServeTheHome, who were lucky enough to visit one of Nvidia’s offices and see for themselves an H100 SXM5 module, posted a photo of the compute GPU on Thursday. These SXM5 boards are designed for Nvidia’s DGX H100 and DGX SuperPod High Performance Computing (HPC) systems, as well as third-party designed machines. These modules will not be available separately in retail, so seeing them is a rare opportunity.

Nvidia’s H100 SXM5 module features a fully enabled GH100 processing GPU with 80 billion transistors and 8448/16896 FP64 / FP32 cores and 538 Tensor cores (see H100 specification and performance details in the tables below). The GH100 GPU comes with 96GB of HBM3 memory, although thanks to ECC support and other factors, users can access 80GB of ECC-enabled HBM3 memory connected via a 5120-bit bus. The particular GH100 compute GPU pictured is revision A1 marked U8A603.L06 and packaged in week 53 of 2021 (i.e., December 28 to December 31).

(Image credit: ServeTheHome)

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