Apple Silicon Will Enable a Better Future for Gaming on the Mac, Says Developer

Apple Silicon will enable a better future for gaming on the Mac, says the developer

For years, gaming on a Mac has been possible but limited as games from many developers have not been ported to macOS, and while there are several popular titles available, it’s negligible compared to what’s available for PC users. Fortunately, according to an interview with a game developer, Apple Silicon will allow not only to engage in creative work sessions, but also to participate in gaming sessions, as long as the tech giant is open to the idea.

Before Apple Silicon, most of the Mac lineup consisted of Intel’s integrated GPUs, which weren’t enough for gaming

The introduction of Apple Silicon materialized with the M1, and although the SoC’s 8-core GPU was not on par with the dedicated solutions from NVIDIA and AMD, the performance increase over the integrated GPUs was huge. It can be argued that Apple Silicon is capable of playing games at improved graphics settings, but according to several benchmarks it’s less than a stellar experience. MacRumors recently released an interview with game developer Feral Interactive, who says there is an audience for high-quality games on the macOS platform.

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“The changes have been cyclical, but bringing games to the Mac platform during that time had its challenges. Apple’s transition from PPC to Intel, 32-bit to 64-bit and, more recently, Intel to “Apple Silicon”, all of these required transition periods and substantial work, but in any case facilitated a situation where better Mac games could be brought. What has remained constant is that there is a community of Mac users who want to play on their computers. There is an audience of good games that are well optimized for the platform. “

Additionally, Macs with dedicated GPUs were significantly more expensive than those with integrated solutions, but the arrival of the M1 makes everything consistent across the company’s range, even if consumers still have to pay more for the M1 Pro. and the most performing M1 Max. Regardless, with the affordable Apple Silicon Macs now having access to better GPUs, a problem for the developer has disappeared, to some extent.

“Before [‌Apple Silicon‌]Almost all popular Apple computers, especially entry level laptops, used Intel Integrated Graphics. That was a problem. We had to devote much of the extended development cycles to optimizing games to make sure they perform as well as possible on devices that weren’t intended or designed for games. The problem is that AAA games often push the limits of hardware and we need to make sure we can run a game well on a wide range of machines, which often date back several years. However, the current transition to “Apple Silicon” opens up some interesting opportunities. Compared to the previous generation of Intel-based Macs, it offers a large increase in power and for gaming that translates into better performance and improved graphics fidelity. “

Apple is currently preparing the M2 for launch later this year and is expected to offer a small performance boost thanks to its 10-core GPU. Additionally, we should see the M2 Pro and M2 Max arrive next year with a GPU of up to 38 cores, which should encourage more developers to take porting games to macOS seriously. In 2020 Apple was rumored to be developing a gaming-centric Mac, but the product never materialized, for no reason.

News source: MacRumors

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