World Cup 2022: Infantino's controversial comments on workers killed at the World Cup construction site in Qatar

World Cup 2022: Infantino’s controversial comments on workers killed at the World Cup construction site in Qatar

FIFA president Gianni Infantino said migrant workers take pride in hard work when questioned on Monday about workers suffering in Qatar during construction world Cup infrastructure.

Despite the abuse, Infantino said workers would be proud to have the chance to build stadiums for this year’s tournament in Gulf nationearning a living rather than being donated charity.

The comments came after Infantino was asked at the Milken Institute’s global conference in Los Angeles whether FIFA would use its profits to make “any kind of commitment” to help the families of dead workers in Qatar.

Infantino: the Biennale del Mondo could save migrants from death at seaAP

Infantino did not address this point directly when he responded to MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle on stage, instead pointing to the introduction of a minimum wage and strengthened labor rights.

“Let’s not forget one thing … when we talk about this topic, which is work, also hard work, hard work”, Infantino She said. “America is a country of immigration. My parents also emigrated from Italy to Switzerland. Not that far, but still.

“When you give someone work, even inside difficult conditions, you give him dignity and pride. It is not charity. You don’t do charity. You don’t give someone something and say, ‘Stay where you are. I’ll give you something and I feel fine. ‘”

Ruhle intervenes: “But to build the stadium where the World Cup will be played”.

Infantino replied: “Exactly. It is also a matter of pride and of having been able to change the conditions of these 1.5 million people, this is something that also makes us proud”.

Infantino did not directly contest Ruhle’s claim – denied by Qatar after being denounced by The Guardian – That 6,500 workers died in the building infrastructure to host the first Middle East World Cup in November. Infantino said only three people died at stadium construction sites, which are funded by Qatar’s vast oil and natural gas wealth.

“Now 6000 may have died in other works and so on,” Infantino said, “and of course FIFA it is not the world police or responsible for everything that happens in the world. But thanks to FIFA, thanks to football we were able to face the state of all 1.5 million workersworking in Qatar “.

Construction workers, mostly men from South Asian nations, live with multiple people in the same bedrooms in Qatar, while their families remain in their home countries.

Infantino acknowledged that a form of “modern system of slavery” existed before Qatar began dismantling its long-criticized “kafala” work system in 2018. Migrant workers should now be able to change jobs before the end of the their contracts without obtaining the permission of their current employers.

The world Cup He has helped “positive social change”, according to Infantino, who accepted: “These controversies have certainly overshadowed the preparation”.

Infantino sparked criticism in January for comments about migrants when he linked plans to double the attendance of the World Cup every two years to give more hope to Africans who risk their lives by crossing the sea Europe.


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